Little Eagle Child Care Center
Our Classrooms are AWESOME!

From our Baby room to our Pre-K class, we strive to make each and every childs' experience one filled with caring and learning.  By creating an environment where every child has a voice that is listened to and choices given to encourage free thinking, we help children to be independent problem solvers. 

If you are already one of our parents, please choose the link to your child's classroom for current news.  If you are considering our program feel free to look at the classrooms to see what is currently happening at our center.

Bouncing Bundles    6 weeks-12/14 months
Busy Town              1 Year-2 Years

Sesame Street        2 Years-3 Years
Snoopy's World       2 Years-4 Years
Disney World          3 Years-4 Years
Pre-K                     4 Years-5 Years
Full Day

Infants (Bouncing Bundles/Busy)               $200.00/week
Older Toddlers (Sesame)                            $180.00/week
Pre School Wing (Snoopy/Disney)              $168.00/week
Pre-K                                                          $114.40/week

Part Time/Daily Rates
Infants                                                       No Part-Time
Older Toddlers                                           $45.00
Drop in care                                               $45.00

*Drop in care must be approved in advance