Little Eagle Child Care Center Provides Education Programs

Little Eagle Child Care Center offers educational programs for children ages six weeks to 13 years. Our classes provide educational activities to get your child interested in learning. Depending on the age group, children use puzzles, games, and other age-appropriate materials to promote problem-solving skills and work to achieve independent goals. Our classes include:

Bouncing Bundles: Ages Six Weeks to 12/14 Months
Busy Town: Ages One to Two Years
Sesame Street: Ages Two to Three Years
Snoopy’s World: Ages Two to Four Years
Pre-K: Ages Four to Five Years
Before & After School Care: Pre-K & Participating Elementary Schools

If you are looking for well-rounded child care in Shepherdstown, WV, call Little Eagle Child Care Center at (304) 264-7132 for more information on how to enroll.

Summer Camp Programs for Shepherdstown

Little Eagle Child Care Center holds summer camp programs for children who have completed kindergarten to age 13. Our summer camp allows children to develop social skills by spending days with their peers, along with physical activities to keep children active. Some outdoor activities include trips to the swimming pool, baseball field, and local playgrounds.

If you need expert child care for the summer in Shepherdstown, WV, call on Little Eagle Child Care Center.

Little Eagle Child Care Center Offers Pre-K Classes

Pre-k classes are extremely important to a child’s early education. Pre-k acts as a transition from day care or preschool to kindergarten, and allows students to develop better social skills. Little Eagle Child Care Center works with students on physical, emotional, and intellectual development, allowing them to really come into their own as students. By working with students in groups and individually, children gain problem-solving skills and learn to work together or by themselves to solve these problems.

Contact Little Eagle Child Care Center today for information on pre-k registration. We proudly serve Shepherdstown, WV, and the surrounding Jefferson County areas.

Contact Little Eagle Child Care Center for Enrollment Information

If you are interested in finding outstanding child care services in Shepherdstown, WV, contact Little Eagle Child Care Center today. We work diligently to promote a safe, healthy, and exciting atmosphere to teach our students. Our expert staff is ready to meet you and your child!

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